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Robot Machine Tending

Integrate your machines into a fully automated cell to maximize throughput and increase uptime.

Engineered Part Handling Cells

JTEKT Machinery offers a series of engineered, "out-of-the-box," part loading solutions for multiple machine tending or complex loading scenarios that can be installed in as little as one week. Rail-guided, pedestal, or gantry pallet management allows for dedicated loading and unloading of parts. Loading systems are custom designed for unmanned production, and allow machines of various sizes and types to be fully automated in a single cell. The robot can load parts into a dedicated fixture and automatically unload the workpiece onto the outboard pallet changer position.

JTEKT Machinery Robot Loader Series

JTEKT Machinery's Robot Loaders comes in three options based on size to meet various payloads. Each robot loader comes with a Fanuc robot arm equipped with a Schunk dual arm gripper, touch screen panel, teaching pendant, and drawer system.

Payload15.5 lb (7 kg)26.5 lb (12 kg)55 lb (25 kg)
Reach35.87 in (911 mm)55.9 in (1,420 mm)72 in (1,831 mm)
# of Drawers


Drawer Payload110 lb (50 kg)440 lb (200 kg)440 lb (200 kg)
Machine Length2.75 ft (840 mm)

3.80 ft (1,550 mm)

3.80 ft (1,550 mm)
Machine Width7.90 ft (2,400 mm)

10.40 ft (3,165 mm)

10.40 ft (3,165 mm)

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