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Control Retrofit

Bring JTEKT Machinery's unrivalled design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to breathing new life into your old machine.

We see the impact of rapidly evolving technology every single day. These technological advancements are particularly evident on a shop floor, where obsolescent control technology can render machines ineffective and inefficient. Today, it is not uncommon for shop floors managers to use machines that mechanically could work much more productively if updated with newer technology capable of supporting features available in newer controls.

Integrating a new retrofitted CNC Control into your machine can increase reliability, decrease future repair costs, increase your lines production capabilities all while leading to shorter cycle times. Trust the engineering experts at RPD, who with over 30 years of CNC experience can get your machine running like new, inside and out.

Our team of qualified machine tool technicians have the knowledge and experience of fully retrofitting JTEKT or FANUC software. From testing to installation, providing new controls or installing new drives and motors, our team has done it all - helping you bring your machine up to today's technological standards.

JTEKT Machinery's GC32, GC400, GC500, GC50, GC70 and Fanuc Control with 0i-TF are just a few of the controls our team has worked on. Want to know what we can do for your machine? Call (847) 253-0340 or Click here to get in contact with an RPD Representative!