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Mechanical Rebuild Services

Bring JTEKT Machinery's unrivalled design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to breathing new life into your old machine.

From rebuilds to repairs, and everything in between, our team has the know-how and experience to get your machine running in as-new condition. From CNC control repair to hand scraping, the skilled quality craftsman at RPD have the CNC experience to give you the confidence you need that you are making the most cost-effective decision for your business.

Don't see something listed below? Chances are, our team can do it. Call (847) 253-0340 today or email our team at We're here to help.

Control RetrofitsInclusive or Non-Inclusive Evaluations at Your or Our FacilityMachine Geometry and Positioning Requalification
Complete Machine Rebuilds And Subassembly RepairsIndividual Sub-Assembly RebuildHydraulic and Lubrication System Clean/Rebuild
Control Retrofitting For JTEKT CNC Machines & Others.Updated Lubrication SystemsBallscrew Replacements
Repair Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical And Hydraulic Systems.New Tooling PackagesSpindle Replacements and Repairs
Geometrically Requalify Vee and Flat Way Systems To Include Precision GrindingPart Programming

Complete Fixture Design and Engineering

In-Field Service EvaluationsFull or Partial RemanufacturesSafety Upgrades
In-Field Service For Replacement of Precision Ball ScrewsGeometric Requalification of Machine CenterlineWork Holding/Tooling Reuse or Upgrade
Spindle RepairsSubassembly Rebuilding/RepairingPart Runoff in our/your Facility
Reverse Engineering of Obsolete Machine PartsSupply of OEM Parts and ComponentsService Support for Installation and Training
Preventative Maintenance Procedures
Inspection of Machine Vee And Flat Ways for wear of turcite or gouging from metal to metal contactCheck Workhead Runout - Tailstock ware of quill to housingDrain and fill Wheel Spindle fluid with fresh oil
Change out Drive BatteriesWay Wipers and Rubbers on both sides of Z axis and clamshell cover of X axisReplace all external Spindle and hydraulic system filter
If applicable, change out MCU and PLC batteriesCheck Lubrication system for leaksInspect / Replace Wheel Spindle Pulley Belts
Confirming Repeatability of All Ballscrews (Backlash)Clean all Hydraulic tanks and strainer filters replace with new oilInspect / Replace Workhead Pulley Belts
Check Wheel Spindle (Lift, thrust, and Runout)