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Horizontal Machining Centers

Industry-leading high-precision performance optimized for speed, rigidity and reliability.

With superior performance that is distinctly JTEKT Toyoda, we manufacture state-of-the-art horizontal machining centers for efficient production and high-precision machining. JTEKT Toyoda horizontal machining centers provide industry-leading speed, rigidity, and accuracy to keep machine shops productive.

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FH630SXi Horizontal Machining Center

Full Line of Horizontal Machining Centers

FH400J Horizontal Machining Center

400-450mm Pallet

Pallet Range
15.7" sq. (400mm) to 17.7" sq. (450mm)
880 lb (400 kg) Capacity
Ø24.80" x 29.53" (Ø630 mm x 750 mm) to
Ø24.80" x 35.43" (Ø630 mm x 900 mm)

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FH500J Horizontal Machining Center

500-550mm Pallet

Pallet Range
19.68" sq. (500mm) to 21.65" sq. (550mm)
1,760 lb (800 kg)
Ø31.50" x 39.37" (Ø800 mm x 1,000 mm) to
Ø33.46" x 39.37" (Ø850 mm x 1,000 mm)

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FH630SXi Horizontal Machining Center

630mm Pallet

Pallet Range
24.8" sq. (630mm)
3,310 lb (1,500 kg)
Ø46.06" x 49.21" (Ø1,170 mm x 1,250 mm)

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FH800SXi Horizontal Machining Center

800mm Pallet

Pallet Range
31.5" sq (800mm)
5,500 lb (2,500 kg)
Ø39.4" x 25.6" (Ø1,000 mm x 650 mm) to
Ø63" x 51.2" (Ø1,600 mm x 1,300 mm)

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FH1000SX Horizontal Machining Center

1000-1050mm Pallet

Pallet Range
39.4" sq. (1000mm) to 41.3" (1050mm)
6,600 lb (3,000 kg)
Ø70.9" x 63" (Ø1,800 mm x 1,600 mm) to
Ø72.8" x 61" (Ø1,850 mm x 1,550 mm)

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FH1250SX Horizontal Machining Center

1250mm Pallet

Pallet Range
49.2" sq. (1,250mm)
11,000 lb (5,000 kg)
Ø94.5" x 70.9" (Ø2,400 mm x 1,800 mm)

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FH1600SWi Horizontal Machining Center

1600mm Pallet

Pallet Range
63" x 49.2" (1,600 mm x 1,250 mm)
17,600 lb (8,000 kg) (Opt. 32,000 lb)
Ø126" x 83" (Ø3,200 mm x 2,100 mm)

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