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Remanufactured Products Division

Bring JTEKT Machinery's unrivalled design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to breathing new life into your old machine.


RPD Facility Center

Sometimes, the best and most economical way to maximize your business' production is to rebuild or repair the machines you have at hand. Supported by skilled & qualified craftsman, breathing new life into your old equipment can result in a machine that runs just as well, if not better, than when it first hit your shop floor.

At RPD, our expertise is tailored to do exactly that. We rebuild and remanufacture your used and battered machining centers and grinding machines - specializing in serving automotive OEMs and other high-volume parts suppliers.

From updating obsolete controls, to adding a 5th axis, to reverse engineering, our team has seen it all. Call today at (847) 253-0340 or email our team at

What We Do
Subassembly rebuilding is a full or partial reconditioning of the machine that offers a quick turnaround time in bringing your machine back to like-new, OEM condition.
In this complete overhaul of a machine, RPD strips the machine down to the base, where all major castings are steam cleaned, sand blasted, primed, and painted and every machine is thoroughly tested by our engineers before returning to your shop floor.
Retooling & Retrofitting:
RPD also offers newly designed and upgraded tooling, as well as the ability to update hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical control devices. Our team can also replace your machine’s controls with the latest technology to support your production demands.
Your Team of Machine Experts

We are a collaborative team built of design engineers, journeyman machinists, master builders, and electronic technicians. Well versed in product management, mechanical engineering and design, control, and mechanical refurbishment expertise, some of our crew carry more than 30 years of rebuilding experience. Every member on our trained team stands behind JTEKT Machinery's renowned quality craftsmanship with the engineering, knowledge, and service our customers expect from JTEKT Machinery service.
Our Facility

Our 75,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Michigan, has been repairing and rebuilding machines since the late 1970s. RPD is equipped with a climate-controlled inspection room and is capable of custom CNC control systems and controls engineering. Our Global Parts Division has more than 5,500 different replacement parts in stock - capable of sourcing those hard-to-find parts within short lead times.
The JTEKT Machinery RPD Difference

With decades of experience in rebuilding and remanufacturing machines, the JTEKT Machinery Remanufactured Products Division keeps your business competitive. Our team of professionals has decades of experience bringing machining centers and grinding machines back to OEM specifications - saving you money and time. With the superior craftsmanship and quality service - our customers have the assurance they need that they are making the best decision for their business.


Control Retrofit Keeps Automotive Manufacturer’s Motors Running
Instead of investing in a new machine to replace outdated models, JTEKT Machinery's RPD facility has found a way to breathe new life into old machines for a fraction of the cost of buying new.