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Linear FMS/RGV

Stay ahead of the curve with integrated, scalable solutions that streamline operations and increase capacity.
FMS Pallet Automation with Machine

Linear FMS/RGV

TIPROS FMS, Toyoda's (now JTEKT Machinery) integrated production system, is a single- or multi-level flexible pallet automation solution. The cell uses a rail-guided vehicle and TIPROS software to increase spindle utilization and allow for a significant increase in a shop’s production capacity.

Stay ahead of the curve with integrated, scalable solutions that streamline operations, maximize utilization and significantly increase capacity.


Machines Maximum 20
Miscellaneous Equipment Maximum 3
Loading Stations Maximum 10
Buffer Stands 8 to 120
Pallets Maximum 300
Tools 40 to 504 per machine
Part Programs Unlimited
Transfer Device Rail-guided vehicle
CNC Unit Fanuc 16i, 18i, 30i, 31i
Operating System Windows
DNC Connection Ethernet, RS422
Pallet Automation Rail Guided Vehicle
Rail-Guided Vehicles

TIPROS FMS uses rail-guided vehicles to transfer pallets between loading stations, buffer stations, and machines. Each system utilizes one rail-guided vehicle that has the ability to access up to three levels of pallet storage.

Computer-Based Cell Controller

JTEKT's software uses a Windows-based operating system and maximizes production efficiency through the logical scheduling of jobs.

Modular, Expandable, Upgradeable

As production grows, so can the FMS with up to 10 machines, 300 pallets, additional loading stations, wash stations, and more.

FH630SX Horizontal Machining Center with TIPROS FMS

FH630SX Horizontal Machining Center and JTEKT Machinery's flexible metal cutting system TIPROS FMS

Unlimited Automation Potential Through JTEKT Machinery

Orange Research and Judson A. Smith are two examples of how machine shops can maximize efficiency by automating workflow.

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