Toyopuc - AAA | JTEKT Machinery North America

Toyopuc - AAA

Collects data by connecting PLCs regardless of manufacturer.


Automation Accumulation Analysis

Toyopuc - AAA creates new value by gathering, accumulating, and analyzing information, enabling you to designate the optimum machining conditions.

Real Time Data Analysis: Triple AAA pulls the data from the TOYOPUC - Plus or Nano (PLCs) and sensors, analyzes the data and stores it.

Once a certain level of data storage is reached, the information is then sent to a larger, higher level, storage system (the cloud).

  • Proprietary self-learning AI analysis engine
  • Moves operation from Preventative Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance.
  • Toyopuc - AAA is standard for all new JTEKT grinding machines and horizontal machining centers.
Edge-type Analysis Module

TOYOPUC-AAA is an edge-type analysis module that creates new value by processing big data with standard software and its own machine learning engine.

  • Easy to install, doesn't require any special software.