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Spindle Technology

Each and every JTEKT Machinery spindle is backed by its own specific type of outstanding technology

Spindles are the heart of your machine

The performance of your machining center depends on the spindle. From milling to drilling, spindles work to maximize shop floor production while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and speed.


JTEKT's Dedicated Spindle Manufacturing
The spindle is manufactured under strict quality control. Confirmation checks examine dynamic balance, vibration, and noise. The spindle is installed in the machine only after ensuring all allowable limits have been maintained.

Basic Design Focusing on Low Vibration
We have developed a high-speed spindle that suppresses vibration and run-out across the entire range, up to the maximum speed. This feature contributes not only to the improvement of cutting accuracy, but also to the extension of tool life.

Replaceable Spindle Taper
In the rare chance that a failure does occur, JTEKT Machinery's patented replaceable spindle taper can be installed without removing the spindle, keeping downtime to a minimum. The separate spindle taper makes individual cap replacement possible as it is integrated with the taper, even in the event of taper damage caused by accidental interference.

JTEKT Machinery Spindle Rebuild Department

With access to proprietary design and manufacturing techniques, JTEKT Machinery's experienced team of dedicated and knowledgeable trained spindle builders and certified technicians can rebuild a spindle to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications – making it perform like new.

Learn more about JTEKT Machinery Spindle Rebuilding

FH-J Series 15,000 RPM High Speed Spindle

JTEKT's Patented Hydraulic Preload System

Variable switching reloading mechanism

  • Allows for consistent bearing pressure from low speed to high speed
  • Rigidity is achieved even at low speeds without spindle warm up
  • Heat generation is suppressed for increased spindle service life
  • Protects spindle core from shock due to unforeseen impact events

Ceramic Ball Bearings

High ability ball bearings

  • FCD450 column allows for full-sized, standard horizontal spindle offerings
  • Four ceramic bearings immediately supporting spindle nose
  • JTEKT invented the first commercially successful all-ceramic bearing in 1984
  • High-speed spindle features JTEKT's patented Koyo ceramic, oil/air spindle bearings

FH-SXi Serie 8.000 U / min Hochdrehmomentspindel

High Torque Spindle, 1,009 Nm (50 HP)

Boasting the highest performance of the class

FH630SX-iCompany ACompany B
Max. rotation speed/torque8,000 min-1 / 1,009 Nm8,000 min-1 / 1,071 Nm
8,000 min-1 / 1,009 Nm
Milling efficiency1,250 cm3/min (76")1,081 cm3/min (66")870 cm3/min (53")

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

High ability ball bearings

  • Stacked, robust double-row cylindrical roller bearing directly over spindle taper provides extreme side load/radial rigidity
  • Dual angular contact thrust bearings maximize axial rigidity
  • Fifth cylindrical roller bearing stabilizes rear of spindle