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Apr 15-18, Sept 23-26



  1. Detailed explanation of local, common and machine systems variables
  2. Detailed review of the custom macro section of the Fanuc Programming manual
  3. Demonstrate the use of local and common variables used in counters and custom canned cycles
  4. Demonstrate the uses for machine system variables such as capturing time and date, tool positioning, machine position, sending operator alarm messages. Explain where these features might be practical in day to day machine operation
  5. Detailed review of probe setup and probing macros. Each student will have machine time using probe calibration, bore centering, single axis probing
  6. Explanation of the custom macro format
  7. Write and debug simple macro programs

If you have a specific project you would like to work on, bring it to class.

Please note: the safety of our guests is very important to JTEKT Machinery. All students are required to wear long pants and closed toe shoes at all times.

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