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4 Secrets Behind Surface Finish Optimization on JTEKT Machinery's Vertical Bridge Mill

Jun 30, 2017

Blog_4 Secrets Behind Surface Finish Optimization on Toyoda's Vertical Bridge Machines

JTEKT Machinery's SB Double Column Bridge Mill series have a secret they want to let you in on. The secret to their success isn’t all about the value and performance. Behind all the covers, flexible machining of large workpieces is achieved through four software features that make your JTEKT Machinery bridge mill one of the most powerful tools on your floor.

1. Optimum Contour Cutting Parameter

Selectable presets, ranging from fast cycle time to highly accurate and fine – surface finish, allow the user to define how best to make complex cuts.

2. Cutting Feed Rate Adaptive Control

The cutting feed Rate adaptive control monitors spindle load and compensates feed to maintain a preset spindle load over changing work piece and cutting tool conditions.

3. Drive Optimization Software

Automatic tuning of axis drives on the SB series ensures each job can achieve optimum tool path accuracy – for each workpiece – for every set up.

4. Fanuc 31i CNC

JTEKT Machinery bridge mills, such as the SB316YM, feature the most sophisticated Fanuc CNC and includes the powerful Fanuc data server as standard equipment. All the power features of Fanuc, combined with our software guarantees you will get the optimum performance from your machine.

The SB316YM Double Column Bridge Mill is a perfect example how integral these four functions are. Synchronization of the cutting parameter, adaptive control and drive optimization, automatic 90 degree attachment head changer, and automatic tool change in either spindle orientation all deliver precise five-face cutting – perfect for mold and die cutting.

Another alternative to the SB line is the Stealth VB Bridge series. These machines feature the economical 0iMF, but is packaged with the same powerful software functions useful for roughing and general purpose machining.

To learn more about JTEKT Machinery's line of vertical bridge mills, contact your salesman or call and make a visit to see a live demonstration.

Begin the next steps in getting your new JTEKT Machinery bridge mill by requesting a quote here.

For additional information, reach out to Vince Trampus, VP of Sales, at vtrampus@jtektmachinery.com.

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