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Grinding Machine Insight Series | Machine Options

May 03, 2018

At JTEKT Machinery, we strive to equip our customers with the knowledge and tools they need to optimize their machining operations. By adequately preparing our customers and educating them on a machine’s features, such as a machine’s available options, JTEKT Machinery helps set the standard for successful and highly efficient machine shop floors.

Our four part Grinding Machine Insight Series aims to educate customers on the in's and out's of their machine - providing a comprehensive resource into their machine’s capabilities.

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Part 2: What are your available Machine Options and why should you implement them?

| Lateral Locator.

| Auto Sizer / In-Process Gauge.

| Dual Drive / Left-Hand & Right-Hand Workhead.

| Steady Rests.

| Gap & Crash Eliminator.

| Automatic Wheel Balancers.

| Rotary Dresser.

| Coolant Filtrations.

| Variable Frequency Drive.

Lateral Locator.

Function: Available as a wheel head or table-mounted option, this hydraulically actuated probe remedies center hole depth variations by automatically adjusting the Z-axis and making contact with a set datum.

Why use it? The lateral locator improves production by reliably and consistently removing stock from the face, safely grinding areas with limited undercut clearance, and increasing production control amongst widths and lengths.

Auto Sizer / In-Process Gauge.

    Function: The auto sizer feature is often considered to be the preferred option for tight tolerance applications. This feature:

      (1) Controls the size of the part by returning the wheelhead to the home position once the pre-programmed diameter is achieved.

      (2) Provides constant wheel diameter updates to the CNC. By knowing the X-axis position and true part diameter, the wheel diameter can be accurately calculated. Without the in-process gauge, true wheel diameter could only be determined after dress.

      (3) Signals for feed-rates based on the part’s diameter (rough, semi-finish, finish).

    Why use it? At JTEKT Machinery, our proprietary gauges can be combined with those from other manufacturers to handle a variety of different applications – consistently producing highly accurate parts with minimal operator offset, manual measurement and dress intervention.

    Keep in mind: CNC controlled cylindrical grinding machines offer this option in both smooth and interrupted surface gauging.

    Dual Drive / Left-Hand & Right-Hand Workhead.

      Function: The dual drive workheads use center pressure and synchronized opposing live workheads to drive a workpiece.

      Why use it? This feature eliminates the need for chuck or drive dogs to drive the workpiece rotation. This provides manufacturers the ability to access all outer grind diameters - allowing workpieces to be ground in a single set-up.

      Steady Rests.


      Functions: Whether manual or automatic the steady rest option prevents parts from flexing or deflecting due to grinding wheel pressures. Automatic steadies can be fixed onto an already-ground journal/pad or follow-down - holding the part diameter securely while being ground from 2-3 points.

      Why use it? Steady rests are especially useful for parts that have a length to diameter ratio that will cause the part to flex or deflect. The application supports workpieces requiring more aggressive grinds when otherwise a conservative approach would be required.

      Gap & Crash Eliminator.

      Crash Detection, function: This option, often utilized within production environments, detects when a wheel has crashed and responds by automatically returning the wheel head to home position - placing the machine into an emergency stop state.

      Gap Eliminator, function: Benefits include reducing non-cutting time by rapiding into parts until an acoustic sensor picks up wheel and part contact. Once contact is detected the machine is sent into normal grind feedrates.

      Why use them? A valuable feature for parts with inconsistent stock going to the grind operation or excessive runout.


      Automatic Wheel Balancers.

      Function: Typically mounted on the pulley side of the wheelhead, this option is a constant balancing system that adjusts weights to compensate for any wheel imbalance.

      Why use it? Benefits include better surface finishes and reduced vibration which can transfer as part chatter or imperfections.

      Rotary Dresser.


      Function: Required for CBN Wheels, this option is specifically designed to reduce the frequency of tooling changes. When used with conventional abrasive it can help dress more complicated patterns or features.

      Why use it? When compared to single-point or cluster diamonds, rotary dressing is significantly faster, holds form and wears slowly. It can also help with reducing lead in parts, a common callout on seal diameters.

      Keep in mind: dressing discs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

      Coolant Filtrations.


      Function: The coolant filtration option removes particulates found in the coolant from the wheel and parts being ground.

      Why use it? A proper filtration system is pivotal to a successful grinding process as benefits include decreased machine maintenance, better part surface finish and a longer conventional wheel life. At JTEKT Machinery, we provide a full range of coolant systems including Magnetic, Paper, Combination Magnetic and Paper, Cyclonic or Cartridge Type.

      Variable Frequency Drive.

      Function: The Variable Frequency Drive option permits the operator to adjust wheel RPM to maintain wheel surface speed as a wheel shrinks from dressing.

      Why use it? With peripheral surface speed, manufacturers can see several benefits including a more efficient cutting process throughout the life of the wheel, reduced part burning and cracking, and minimal operator intervention due to having to adjust workpiece rotational speed.

      JTEKT Machinery, a global leader in grinding machine technology, offers a range of high-performance universal, cylindrical, camshaft, and crankshaft grinding machines all specifically designed to excel in the most demanding of applications. Contact Shane for additional questions at

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