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6 Easy Spindle Maintenance Best Practices

May 02, 2017


Your Spindle is the Heart of your Machine.

Spindle failure is not an uncommon occurrence and always seems to occur at the worst time possible - bringing your shop floor's productivity to a halt. As the complexity of machines, and the speed of spindles have increased, so have the related costs for repair. However, there are basic preventative measures that can be followed to prolong the health of your spindle, and ultimately, maximize the reliability, longevity, and productivity of your machines. Follow the basic guidelines below to help your spindle run longer:

1 | Tool holders should always be properly balanced, especially for high-speed spindle tooling. This helps prevent excessive spindle vibration and any further damage to your spindle.

2 | Maintain a clean and adequate supply of oil for both the spindle and spindle bearings.

3 | Implement a standard routine maintenance program for your machine’s lubrication system and to monitor for clean/dry compressed air.

4 | When cleaning the spindle, avoid blowing compressed air into the seals or spindle as this can cause contaminants to enter the spindle and cause failure.

5 | Coolant should only be directed at the tool and should avoid the spindle in order to prevent grease from within the bearings being washed out, and chips or contaminants making their way into the spindle and affecting the bearing life of the spindle.

6 | Take the time to listen for any unusual noises, monitor your spindle’s cooling system, and record temperatures - all of which can provide early signs of impending spindle failure.

For additional information, reach out to Joe Cutrara, Spindle Repair Manager, at jcutrara@jtektmachinery.com.

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