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5-Axis Machining Efficiency Begins at the Core

Oct 21, 2016

A solid base, the highest removal rate in its class, and lowest required maintenance allows for a longer tool and machine life. JTEKT Machinery's FA1050 5-Axis horizontal machining center is all that along with all the capabilities wanted of horizontal boring mill, end milling, finish cutting, threading, U-axis machining while maintaining accuracy at the industry’s fastest removal rate. During IMTS 2016, JTEKT Machinery showed off the FA1050 5-axis utilizing a simulation featuring the trunnion table and rotary table capabilities on machining airframe components.

JTEKT Machinery begins with the core of the machine – giving you not only the longest machine life, but minimizing tool breakage and unneeded upkeep. Our FA1050 5-Axis machine begins with a solid cast iron base combined with full-plate clamping mechanism withholding up to 26,000 lbs. of table clamp force. Shop owners can expect to achieve stable axial feed at high speeds – 590 ipm on the X, Y and Z axes - during heavy workloads due to the machines rigid core.

Spindle support from four heavy duty bearings – robust double-row cylindrical roller bearings and dual angular contact thrust bearings – eliminates vibration. The boxway machine performs rapid acceleration and consistency with its 60 HP spindle drive motor at 6,000 RPM of geared head tough cutting

Unstable machining on difficult metals is a recipe for disaster. The FA1050 5-Axis’ solid structure secures versatile, accurate and highly competitive machining on difficult materials such as Hastelloy™, Inconel™, Nichrome amongst other exotic metals.

Learn more about JTEKT Machinery's FA1050 5-Axis here.

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