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Roughing and Finishing Operations on a Single High-Speed Machining Center

Sep 11, 2018

Blog_Roughing and Finishing Operations on a Single High-Speed Machining Center

For mold and die makers, it is common to invest in high-speed machining centers to be specifically used for finishing operations and different, more powerful machines for roughing operations. But the need for short lead times and reduced production cost is rapidly increasing to meet the growing demands of a highly competitive market. As such, production of molds with high metal removal rates, short cycle times, and good surface finishes are significant machining advantages that bolster more competitive pricing. Supported by spindle advancements and cutting-edge machine tool technology, JTEKT Machinery's FH500J horizontal machining center is built to perform both roughing and finishing on a single machine. 

Designed for speed and performance, the FH500J features a 15,000 RPM, 40 HP (29.8 kW), 400 Nm (295 ft-lb) high torque spindle. This 50-taper spindle is designed with four ceramic bearings at the front of the spindle for unrivaled rigidity and reduced vibration. The JTEKT Machinery-built spindle can sustain higher radial pressures than its typical competitive 3-bearing design. Its patented hydraulic preload system brings your spindle up to 10,000 RPM in only 1 second without spindle warm up. With the spindle design, preload system, and high torque features, the FH500J machine allows job shops to take advantage of more aggressive machining in a smaller footprint.

The speed of the FH500J series is represented not just in the spindle. All supporting mechanisms, such as ball screws, motors and guideways have been designed to operate at higher feeds and speeds. It is equipped with a NC-controlled B-axis that is fully programmable to 360,000 positions or a direct drive B-axis table featuring an index time (90 degrees) of 0.5 seconds.

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FH500J Direct Drive B-Axis

All FH500J Horizontal Machining Center models (#40 & #50) taper are now equip with a Direct Drive B Axis Table.

FH500J Horizontal Machining Center Pocketing Demo

Pocketing demo on a JTEKT FH500J horizontal machining center. Cutting on a 4140 steel at 3,800 RPM and 90 ipm.

FH500J Horizontal Machining Center at IMTS 2018

Designed for speed, the FH500J horizontal machining center was at IMTS 2018.

FH-J Series Horizontal Machining Centers

JTEKT Machinery's J Series continues to be the industry’s choice for high-speed machining in highly productive environments.

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