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Full JTEKT Machinery's Arsenal Supporting Superior Craftsmanship, High Quality at ANSCO

Oct 03, 2018

ANSCO Machine Company, a full-service family owned machine shop based out of Northeast Ohio, specializing in 5-axis CNC milling and large part turning from 1” to 100″ (2500mm) diameters, provides milling and large turning services for companies throughout Northeast Ohio; Cleveland, Akron, Canton and across the US including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Texas.

Since 1991, ANSCO has worked with both large and small lots in a variety of materials, living by the motto of "punching above weight". Amongst their JTEKT Machinery machine arsenal, you'll find a JTEKT Machinery FH450S Horizontal Machining Center with a 120 station ATC, a 12 Pallet Flexible Manufacturing System, and a JTEKT Machinery BM1600 Vertical Machining Center with a 30 station ATC, all supporting their mission of upholding superior craftsmanship with the same capacity and quality that you'd expect from larger shops.

See JTEKT Machinery's FMS with Pallet Rail System in action on ANSCO's shop floor:

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