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Learn More About The Spindle Repair Process

May 02, 2017

The JTEKT Machinery Standard

  • Motor air-cooling is checked for proper flow
  • Motor Horsepower is checked to meet OEM specifications
  • Every seal and O-ring is inspected for possible failure and replaced
  • Components are cleaned, inspected, measured, balanced, and reassembled to the original factory print
  • Worn drawbar springs are discarded and replaced with new OEM springs
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication ports are thoroughly cleaned by hand ensuring all contaminants are eliminated from within the housing
  • Hydraulic cylinders, lubrication systems, and flow meters are leak-checked and individually inspected for proper operation and force
  • Peak-to-peak vibration numbers are monitored (if the numbers exceed certain tolerances, the process is stopped)
  • Bearing and motor cooling systems are checked for proper operation and stabilized temperatures
  • Temperature of each bearing is monitored through the exhaust ports during run-in
  • Each unit is balanced on a two-plane, hard bearing Schneck balancer to a ISO grade G1.0 tolerance or better
  • Findings are backed up with written documentation and photographs. This data is also documented and available for review
  • Any components from the damaged spindle that can be reliably used are reworked to OEM specifications
  • Any components that are deemed unusable are replaced with an original JTEKT Machinery part

JTEKT Machinery has achieved certification to ISO 9001 and QS-9000 TE, the automotive industries standard for continuous improvement, defect prevention, and waste reduction.

For spindle rebuilding inquiries, contact our main support line at 1-800-257-2985.

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