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JTEKT Machinery Launches First Ever Synchronous Control of Gear Machining with Skiving Technology

Oct 21, 2016

JTEKT Machinery's new GS300H Gear Skiving Center is the first in the world to equip a skiving function to a general purpose horizontal machining center, through which mass production of gear parts is achieved. CNC controls and a high speed rotary table were developed specifically to achieve high-speed, multifunctional machining, as a compact and light weight product, simple in programming functions. Current finalist for Automotive New's 2017 PACE Awards, the GS300H5 machine with robot loading featured an impressive gear skiving demonstration of internal and external surfaces of a Torson gear workpiece during IMTS 2016.

In recent years, the energy saving needs of vehicles has led to an increase in demand for gears to be compound and compact in accordance with hybrid vehicles and multistage automatic transmissions. Individual, conventional machining processes of Lathe, Hobbing, Gear Shaping, Chamfering and Drilling machines are essential for the gear making process, however separately executed are less efficient. The single-chuck machining of the GS300H5 Gear Skiving Center Integrates all gear part machining processes for a more functional and cost efficient shop floor.

JTEKT Machinery's GS300H5 Gear Skiving Center PACE Award Finalist is packed with a high-speed rotation workpiece C-axis made more compact with a built in motor while supporting automatic hydraulic fixtures. Featured alongside the machine is the newly developed TOYOPUC-GC70 control. The technology displays content of NC program by using NCSFC and simplifies inputting gear data, tool data and cutting conditions shown on the screen.

Feed rates on the GS300H reach 60 m/min with travels on the X, Y and Z axes at 730 mm x 650 mm x 850 mm. The shown Gear Skiving machine at JTEKT Machinery's Arlington Height's headquarters is complete with a 6,000 RPM 50 taper spindle with motor rates of 30/25 kW. Rotating speed on the C-axis reach 3,000 min-1 at a torque of 160 / 90 N・m. See the new GHS300H HMC taking up just 2,745 mm x 4,510 mm of floor space, at JTEKT Machinery's North America Headquarters in Arlington Heights, IL.

GS300H Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center

The machining capabilities of the GS300H Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center transform the gear cutting process.

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