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Preventative Maintenance: Your Cost-effective Solution to a Healthy CNC Machine.

Nov 29, 2017

Your CNC machine drives your business; when you’re making chips you’re making money.

So, understandably, setting aside valuable production time to accommodate for machine inspections can seem daunting, and even disruptive, to your shop floor’s productivity. However, maximizing, not just maintaining your machine’s longevity and dependability weighs heavily on pre-scheduled preventative maintenance services specifically intended to preemptively catch problems before untimely breakdowns have the chance to surprise you.

As one of your business’ largest capital investments, your CNC machine works hard every day, stressing all intricate mechanisms, wires, and parts. Routine chec­­­­kups allow machines to continue to run at peak performance by helping to prevent unnecessary wear that can abuse and further damage your machine. Lacking a pre-scheduled preventive maintenance program risks not only the health of your machine, but the safety of team members and your return on investment. Additionally, breakdowns force frustrated shop owners to lose even more money with last minute, time-sensitive machine service calls, expedited part shipments, and an unforeseen number of lost production hours.

Machine maintenance is cost effective and a smart way for shop managers to take control of their machine’s annual production levels. JTEKT Machinery's team of certified service technicians has seen first-hand how costly stoppages have impacted business’ and damaged a downed machine. With over 50 field service engineers, JTEKT Machinery has the experience, manpower, and know-how to getting you the right parts, preparing your machine for its’s next production cycle, and identifying potential problems before they arise. We’re here, and we’re ready to help.

What can you expect from a JTEKT Machinery PM Service Program?

Level 1

  • Clean spindle taper
  • Clean and remove chips from the machine
  • Move covers back, clean, and inspect
  • Check all axis ways and way wipers
  • and much more (read more here…)

Level 2

  • Replace hydraulic oil and filters
  • Check machine level, geometry, and backlash adjustments
  • Inspect and adjust gibs on X, Y and Z axes
  • Zero position adjustment on all axes
  • Table pad checks
  • Spindle clamp force check
  • Check tool changer alignment
  • and much more (read more here…)

View a detailed list of inspection checkpoints for JTEKT Machinery preventive packages here.

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