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Overcome Cutting Through Precipitation Hardened Steels

Sep 11, 2018

Blog_Overcome Cutting Through Precipitation Hardened Steels

Hard milling is becoming an essential part of mold manufacturing by eliminating time-consuming processes and costly finishing operations, while producing higher quality parts than those manufactured with traditional machining methods. In order to rough hardened stainless steel, shop floors require a machining center built to handle the challenging parameters of hard-to-machine metals.

Toyoda FH630SXi Horizontal Machining Center

The machine construction on JTEKT Machinery's FH630SX-i horizontal machining center withstands large cutting resistance and inertial forces of feed acceleration and deceleration while the Meehanite cast iron base and column promote superior strength. Another key element when it comes to milling hardened stainless steel is the spindle design. The 8,000 RPM, 1,009 NM (744 ft-lb) high torque spindle on the FH630SX-i HMC is equipped with four bearings at the front of the spindle, double row cylindrical roller bearings located over the taper to provide radial rigidity, and dual angular bearings to maximize axial stability. This combination keeps the tool stable and allows for faster removal rates under heavy radial loads. The FH630SX-i high torque spindle is supported by dual ballscrews and motors on the Y and Z axes for rapid acceleration and consistent accuracy without any imbalanced cutting forces. 

During IMTS 2018, JTEKT Machinery featured an on-site demonstration of JTEKT Machinery's FH630SX-i horizontal machining center cutting through 17-4 PH stainless steel using Tungaloy cutting tools designed specifically for difficult-to-machine materials. 

FH630SX-i High-Speed Horizontal Machining Center

Powerful, high-speed 630 mm horizontal machining center with spindle speeds reaching up to 15,000K RPM.

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