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C.G. Bretting Manufacturing Increases Capability without Sacrificing Space

Oct 29, 2019

Blog_Blog_C.G. Bretting Manufacturing Increases Capability without Sacrificing Space


C.G. Bretting Manufacturing and JTEKT Machinery have a lot in common-namely a shared approach to manufacturing. After earning their name as a manufacturer of paper-converting machines, C.G. Bretting Manufacturing expanded their contract manufacturing business in 2001 and has had a partnership with JTEKT Machinery for over 30 years. Recently, C.G. Bretting needed to replace some large machines to manufacture base plates and side frames for the OEM business, but had limited space on the shop floor. Upon reviewing multiple machine options, they determined JTEKT Machinery had the solution that would best suit their needs.


• Compact machine that can produce high-quality large parts, up to 315" x 118" x 56" & 132,000 lbs.
• Versatility to machine massive parts with less setups.
• Quick installation and reliable service.


C.G. Bretting found what they needed in two JTEKT Machinery Gantry Mill machines. The gantry mills have a smaller footprint than a bridge mill with the same power and precision expected from JTEKT Machinery. The MG Series provides stability and durability required in machining large workpieces and features multiple attachment heads, convenient programming macros and tool management for five-sided machining, rack and pinion drive system, and a powerful geared-head spindle.

MG850 Gantry MillMG830 Gantry Mill


Service and installation were important to C.G. Bretting to minimize the amount of downtime in upgrading the machines. Five weeks and they were up and running.

The versatility of the new JTEKT Machinery machines expanded the capability profile for C.G. Bretting's OEM and contract business. 

A right-angle head attachment and 3+2 multi-head attachment allowed for a range of parts to be produced with far less setup. 

With the new gantry mills, C.G. Bretting was able to get
parts out faster with a higher level of quality and accuracy.

About C.G. Bretting

C.G. Bretting Manufacturing is a premier designer and manufacturer of paper converting equipment. Company website: www.bretting.com

Case Study: C.G. Bretting - MG Series

Watch why CG Bretting has chosen JTEKT Machinery for over 30 years with the MG Series Gantry Mills

Time Lapse Installation of the MG830 Gantry Mill at C.G. Bretting Manufacturing

MG830 Gantry Mill Time-lapse Installation at CG Bretting Manufacturing.

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