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Meet The Industry’s Most Reliable HMC Alongside JTEKT Machinery's New Toyopuc Touch HMI Control

Oct 21, 2016

JTEKT Machinery's SX-i Series machines are known for their powerful cutting capabilities all eing the most reliable HMCs in their class. New to the lineup, JTEKT Machinery's FH630SX-i, a powerful, high-speed horizontal machining center will be on display. Packed with a 6K-CTS gear head spindle, 60 tool magazine capacity, NC table with full-plate contact clamping design for a strong, accurate cut through the Y-axis and better yet, JTEKT Machinery's brand new HMI control, Toyopuc Touch.

During IMTS attendees experienced the FH630SX-i’s superior power and stability through demonstrations of ceramic machining on heat resistant super alloy Inconel material. Built to minimize displacement caused by external forces that may impact cutting accuracy and tool life, the FH630SX-i’s spindle paired with robust linear guideways plays a hand in successful machining. The 37 / 30 kW torque spindle suited with a double row of cylindrical roller bearings located over the taper, provides radial rigidity, while dual angular bearings maximize axial stability.

Unveiled officially for the first time to the world during IMTS 2016, JTEKT Machinery's Toyopuc Touch HMI control will make its debut as a part of the FH630SX-i demonstration. No keyboard or mouse is required as the 19” touch screen display is designed to appear and function just like the touch screen of a mobile device. The Toyopuc Touch HMI control keeps track of information such as machine energy usage, productivity, tool life and can be used to generate performance reports. Inspection notifications to inform of preventative maintenance and the capability third party device monitoring allows for operators to access the machine remotely and keep an efficient machining process.

Learn more about JTEKT Machinery's FH630SX-i here.

FH630SX-i High-Speed Horizontal Machining Center

Powerful, high-speed 630 mm horizontal machining center with spindle speeds reaching up to 15,000K RPM.

FH630SX-i Cutting Demonstration

The FH630SX-i horizontal machining center reduces cycle times with powerful control and cutting capabilities.

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